What is SEO A/B Testing?

How does SEO A/B testing differ
from split A/B tests

What is SEO Testing?

Unlike split A/B testing which is common for on site performance optimisations such as increasing email signups, it is not possible to simultaneously run multiple variations at the same and SEO AB Testing works in a more linear fashion.

When each variation is live, the impact of that change needs to be monitored to identify the effect of that variation on SEO performance. Each variation may have a unique impact on Impressions, Rankings or Click-Through Rates.

By consistently monitoring each variation you will be able to understand which variation has the biggest positive impact on your web page or website and incrementally improve your website’s performance over time, page by page.

Why is Metadata important?

  • The only content you have control over inside any search engine
  • Used by search engines to quickly understand your page's purpose and content

Metadata is content about your page that search engines use to quickly understand what your page is about. It is also displayed every single time your page is listed in a search results page for any search term.

Why is Metadata important for SEO A/B Testing?

How will A/B Testing my Metadata
benefit my website?

How will SEO A/B Testing benefit my website?

Metadata is an often overlooked factor in SEO which is surprising to us because it is the only piece of content that you can customise in any Search Engine. Well written metadata can be like your trojan horse working for you on the search engine’s own pages by standing out to potential visitors as an engaging piece of content.

With Metadata AB tests you can monitor the changes from each metadata variation on a webpage’s Rankings, Impressions, Clicks and Click-Through Rates on a per search term basis. This means that you can increase your organic traffic through a combination of optimised Rankings and higher Click-Through Rates.

How Polkadot Tiger can help with
A/B testing your metadata

The problem with SEO AB testing is that it is a very long and time consuming process. Polkadot Tiger can help with this by automating the time consuming side of the process which saves you time and allows you to focus on what really matters, creating engaging metadata content and evaluating the performance of your tests.

Once a Metadata AB test is created, Polkadot Tiger will automatically switch your metadata variations throughout the test and monitor the impact on your page’s Rankings, Click-Through Rates, Clicks and Impressions.

When your test is completed, Polkadot Tiger will show you a comprehensive performance summary of your page during the whole test and let you see average performance changes or on a per search term basis to really understand which variation delivers the performance you desire.

SEO Metadata AB Testing with Polkadot Tiger