The tool

How it works

Select website and page
you want to run tests on

You can connect any Wordpress site to Polkadot Tiger that is connected to your Google Search Console account. Connecting is simple, you just need to install the lightweight Polkadot Tiger plugin on your Wordpress site, and you can start testing.

Identify key search terms

We list your main keywords so you can pick the relevant ones.

Write metadata variations
with search intent in mind

What could be a reason a visitor decides to click on your page? Write metadata variations with different search intent in mind and learn about your visitors to adapt the landing page to them.

Start your test with a click of a button, sit back and relax

That’s right, we automate the changes to your metadata and update your page when one variation ends and a new one begins. This means you just have to wait until your test period ends.

Compare the performance of your variations

Compare the performance of your variations based on CTR, Rankings, Clicks and Impressions and see which leads to the best results.

Apply metadata to your page with one click

Once you have decided which variation fits your goals, you can simply click a button and we will make that variation permanent - at least until you think there’s room for improvement again.

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