The tool



Performance overview

Get a quick visual overview of how your variations perform on CTR, Rankings, Clicks and Impressions


Breakdown visualizations

Your data is broken down on a search term and metric basis for data driven decisions


SEO A/B test automation

After starting a test your metadata is automatically updated between variations


Simultaneous testing

Run tests on multiple pages from the same website simultaneously


Search term performance monitoring

Monitor one or many search terms and filter charts on a search term basis.


Test scheduling

Schedule a test ahead of time, sit back and get notified when the results are in.


Multi-website support

Connect multiple websites and run tests on each simultaneously.


Lightweight plugin

Your website loading speeds will not be affected thanks to our lightweight, secure plugin.


Cloudflare Encryption

You can make sure that your website and data is safe thanks to the Cloudflare Encryption.


Dedicated support

We are a young startup, so each and every one of our customers mean a lot to us. We are here to help!


Multi-platform support

Connect your Drupal and Shopify based websites just as easily as Wordpress.

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Multi-user support

Create multiple logins for your team with access to the same account.

Quickly find your winning
variations with the
performance overview

Get a quick overview of how your variations perform.
Polkadot Tiger monitors changes to your CTR, Rankings, Clicks and Impressions on a per search term basis.

Save time with our
automated tests

Dive deep into the data and make data driven decisions. We break the data down for you on a search term and metric basis, so you can make informed decisions on which metadata fits your goals the best.

Dive deep into the
data and make
data driven decisions

After launching (or scheduling) a test you only have to sit back and wait for the results to come in. We change your page’s metadata between variations, and notify you when the testing period is over. You only have to pick the one that fits

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Anatomy of a test