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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should I run a test?

You can run as many tests as you want. The main aim of running tests is to understand what attracts users to click on your page in the search results. You should aim to run as many tests as needed to increase your clicks.

Does SEO A/B/ Metadata testing always work?

We find SEO A/B Metadata tests often increase traffic and rankings but it depends on the type of Metadata content you create. Crafting appealing and relevant Metadata content for users will help your pages.

Do other SEO ranking factors affect my results?

Depending on the health of your website’s SEO health, you may see little effects if for example your website is not ranking well or has a Google penalty. We recommend running SEO A/B Metadata tests once your website is in a reasonably steady place in Google.

How long should I run SEO A/B Metadata tests for?

The ideal number should be around 15 days to run a test. This allows enough time for Google to recognize the Metadata change and gather information. Running tests for longer is also fine, however, this increases the chances of other SEO factors impacting your data results.

The minimum should be 8 to 10 days to give time for Google to recognize the changes in your Metadata.

How will I be charged?

Once you sign up, you will be on a monthly rolling subscription plan. You can cancel or upgrade your account at any time - there are no contracts or cancellation fees.