The Polkadot Tiger Story

The idea to create a product that automates SEO A/B Tests was born early in 2019 while Stephen, one of the founding team, was running his SEO agency and experimenting with new ways to generate more traffic for his client's websites.

After running countless SEO A/B Metadata tests on various websites and countless hours manually collecting data for each page over the course of a test and collating the results, Stephen saw that many of the key metrics such as Click-Through Rates, time-on-site, bounce rates and even impressions sky-rocketed after a few rounds of testing.

Despite trying to optimize the process, Stephen found the process quite time-consuming and struggled to find a scalable solution.

Enter the second Co-founder, Jamie!

Prior to Polkadot Tiger, Jamie began his career as a full-stack developer within an SEO agency and had worked in many roles up to CTO and knew his way around the development engineering World. After discussing the idea with Stephen, Jamie became hooked on the idea and couldn't stop thinking about it until he had found an automated way to run SEO A/B Metadata tests. As a result, Polkadot Tiger was born!

Jamie Murphy
CEO, Developer
Klaudia Gal
Creative Director

Our Values

Our aim is to demystify SEO by allowing users to make specific SEO changes and track the impact on Key Performance Indicators to the guesswork out of SEO and provide quantifiable data and results upon which to make decisions.

To demystify SEO Rankings and User Engagement

Polkadot Tiger Must be Accessible

To educate our users in SEO A/B Testing

To give back in any way that we can

Proud to be giving back

We are helping charities optimize their traffic for free

We are already working with: Greenpeace Heti Betevö

Fun Facts

Polkadot Tiger is 100% self funded and sustained, something which the team are very proud to say!

Although the team works 100% remotely, most of us live and work in Budapest, Hungary and we can't wait for the end of COVID for the return of our weekly team meetings!

Polkadot Tiger has been featured in, even before the first prototype was available.

We have over 100 core Beta testers who we adore!

We like to give back and work with charities such as Heti Betevő.

The Polkadot Tiger mascot is called Polko.