The Polkadot Tiger Story

Polkadot Tiger first became a concept around at the end of 2018 when Co-founder, Stephen, was running his own SEO agency and experimented with new ways to improve SEO campaigns for his clients and other websites. Whilst many experiments did not always prove to be successful, Stephen found one did, SEO A/B Metadata testing.

After running countless SEO A/B Metadata tests on various websites and spending hundreds of manual experiments and collating the results, Stephen saw there was real potential for websites to increase their overall SEO traffic in Search Results and improve rankings and wanted to roll this out, but there was one catch... how could this be scaled?

Enter the second Co-founder, Jamie!

Prior to Polkadot Tiger, Jamie had been working as CTO for a UK agency for some time and knew his way around the development engineering World. After discussing the idea with Stephen, the two founders worked tirelessly to find a scalable and automatable way to run SEO A/B Metadata tests, and as a result, Polkadot Tiger was born!

Our Culture

We strive to maintain a positive and proactive culture at Polkadot Tiger. We know work is always a big part of everyday life and often can be dull and frustrating, so that’s why we focus on making our work and environment the best place it can be.


We are a close tight knit community who believe our colleagues are our friends, and working with your friends is the best!


We believe in always moving forward. We work with the latest technology and always strive to improve our processes and practices.


We are always welcoming of new ideas and new thoughts, we believe everyone can have great ideas and should not be afraid to voice them.


We work with like minded individuals who together want to come together to make great things happen.

Our Values

At Polkadot Tiger, we feel passionately our tools should be available to everyone. We don’t believe in standing in the way of anyone’s potential growth by limiting accounts or charging a hefty fee.

We believe everyone has the right to have access to the same knowledge and insights we’ve learned over the years with SEO A/B Metadata testing and are firmly against the hoarding or hiding of information, knowledge and tactics which can help all. There is enough space for all to achieve their goals and ambitions.

It’s our aim to try and demystify SEO and Search results, take the guesswork out of SEO and provide more quantifiable data and results.

To remove the mystery of SEO rankings and User Engagement

To educate and inform our users in the practice of SEO A/B Testing

Polkadot Tiger Must be Accessible

Make the process of SEO A/B testing more accessible

Did you know...


Polkadot Tiger is 100% self funded and sustained, something which the team are very proud to say!


Although the team works 100% remote, most of us live and work in Budapest, Hungary.. Spooky!


Polkadot Tiger was featured in, even before the first prototype was available.


We have over 100 core Beta testers who we adore!


The name, ‘Polkadot Tiger’, first came about when Jamie and Stephen were trying to think of an unusual but easily memorable name for the tool.


The Polkadot Tiger mascot is called Polko.