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“The best part of running A/B Metadata testing was not only the increase in SEO traffic but the quality of traffic we saw. Suddenly, we started seeing users spend more time on site and clicking through our affiliate links. We instantly saw more engaged users who were looking exactly for what our website offers”
- Stephen, Founder of Music Experts

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With Metadata A/B Tests you can find the metadata that leads to the highest organic CTR. A test resulting in an 8% increase in Click-Through Rate will continue to deliver that 8% traffic boost even as further SEO improvements are achieved. This means that as your rankings and authority increase, your traffic will continue to receive that 8% boost on top of any future traffic increases due to other SEO factors.

Well written metadata can be your trojan horse, working for you inside the search engine's own pages by standing out to potential visitors as an engaging piece of content. With Metadata A/B Tests you can find the metadata that leads to the highest organic CTR.

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Sometimes website owners take a “best guess” approach what they think users are looking for on each page. By A/B testing metadata variations written with different types of Search Intent in mind, you can identify which variation drives the most traffic to your pages. You can learn from this and optimize your site content accordingly.

When testing multiple variations of metadata, you’ll not only learn which variation leads to more traffic to your site, you can also learn which variation improves metrics such as Bounce Rate, Page Views per Session and more. By better setting a customer’s expectations before they even land on your site, you can ensure that they have a better experience on site.

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