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Increase the traffic and ranking of your Wordpress pages by testing different variations of your metadata.

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Polkadot Tiger is easy to set up, simply connect it to your Google account and start running your SEO A/B Metadata tests within minutes!

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Run Various Metadata tests on all types of web pages

Test all types of webpages from posts, articles, product pages, and more to find out what variations of metadata really make users want to click on your page in Google.

Track your target keywords with exact or partial match tracking

Choose what search term you want to track in Google for your page tests and pick between exact or partial match analysis. See if your metadata directly improves the exact search term you aimed for or possible variations of the term.

Visualize your A/B test progress and results

Analyze your SEO A/B tests with clear and easy to read to progress charts and calendars, detailing all you need to know on your SEO A/B metadata test campaigns.

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